The AVALNET will provide useful, how-to information, current best practices and links to business results, share new theories and their application, report emerging trends and address the implication of relevant thematic.


The main purpose of this network is the conception, deliver and transfer of innovative products in the field of assessment, evaluation and ROI, with a view to improve the quality of VET systems and practices throughout Europe.


The specific objectives of the project are:


  • To assemble the knowledge in the domain of training evaluation targeted to vocational training experts, training consultants and trainers, human resource managers and company managers, vocational training centres, social partners, public and private organizations operating in the field of education and vocational training;
  • To improve the products of the ROI Project, in particular, the multimedia tools, available in english version or portuguese version;
  • To share experiences and promote innovation in the field of training evaluation and ROI by bringing together experts and specialized organizations;
  • To identify trends and skills requirements in the area of training evaluation and ROI and to improve the anticipated benefits of vocational training initiatives;
  • To publish the results of work undertaken by the network through relevant channels;
  • To foster greater innovation and transnational co-operation in vocational training;
  • To insure the project sustainability after the project financing, through the implementation of a plan of canvassing new partners and the involvement of potential network elements.

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