Znanie Center for Vocational Training

The Znanie Center for Vocational Training is a specially established unit for training of adults - continuous training and qualification, and long - life acquisition of skills. It provides initial and continuing vocational training of young workers, unemployed, disabled.

The main target groups cover:

  • People with low qualification, long-time unemployed, young graduates, mothers after baby - care
  • People with disabilities, minorities, socially excluded people
  • Administrative and managerial staff of educational institutions, SMEs, NGOs

Amongst the priorities of the Center are also training needs and labor market analysis, training courses in the country and abroad, lifelong acquisition of skills, training of NGOs collaborators and volunteers.

The Center implements own innovative programs for training for motivation, marketing and finance, and starting own small business. We have special interests in design, developing and publishing of curricula, training approaches, materials and documentation for vocational training, and building individual job-searching strategies.