You can read more about what is going on with the project activities in our newsletter from May 2016.

If you work in the social or educational area, we would like you to share your opinion and experience on our online platform MOODLE

On 20th of May an Open Audit was held in Smolyan, Bulgaria. On the event young people, NEETs and stakeholders will be invited to discuss and share their cross points related to available services provided, project materials, ideas for improvement.

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Within the project "SMILE" - Network for Social and Market Inclusion a National event is organized with the aim to present the project's results and promote small languages in different educational, social and economic sectors to the stakeholders.

National event took place in Smolyan on 20th of May where will be presented the good practices and benefits of small languages learning. Trainers, teachers and languages learning centres representatives from the region will participate during the event. You can see more information about the event, following the link.

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The project aims improving the quality of teaching IT. Sixty five methods which will help you to improve the quality of the teaching were collected in the Handbook. Lot more results to come soon!

Past events

One-day workshop took place in Sofia implemented within HelpCare project. During the workshop Ketso tool was used for highlighting the required skills, obstacles and opportunities for people working as social carers.Here you can see our workshop in pictures.

The third partnership meeting of ComWork project took part in Lisboa, Portugal. Experts of Znanie Association presented there a Guidelines and Training model for social and educational operators who are working with NEETs.

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Trainings for entrepreneurial skills will start soon in Sofia high school of construction, architecture and geodesy “Hristo Botev” and Professional high school of Telecommunication as part of „School class to business class” project. During the trainings students will have opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who will support their professional development.

With a lot of smiles, fun and new skills the first workshops of “Art for all” project are finishing. In the beginning of the new year we will be back making art together and some selected peaces will be presented on an exhibition in Gorna Malina municipality.

Art for all, everywhere around us!

Тhe Аnnual Charity Bazar will take place оn 6th of December in Inter Expo Sofia, organized by International Womеn Club - Sofia.

This charity bazaar is one of the big events for fundraising in Bulgaria. The event gives opportunity to many communities and countries to present their traditional customs, music, national cuisine, literature and souvenirs affront the Bulgarian audience.
Znanie team will contribute this year for first time with homemade chocolate cookies.

Our project SC2BC is starting new initiative in Sofia, which aims to put together entrepreneurs and students from VET School Construction, Architecture and Geodesy “Hristo Botev” to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among the students givng them the chance to experience functioning of a real business. The Entrepreneurs will invite the students in working time in their offices.

The research of social caregivers' needs of training is still ongoing. Now we are conducting interviews where the social caregivers can share their experience and the competences which they think are important for their job.

In December we will organize training for co-researchers followed by interviews with people receiving care in their homes.

The second partnership meeting of HelpCare project will be held on 24th of September. During the meeting all partners will discuss the research which aims to discover training need of the care givers.

You can read more about the project in the following brochure.

The third partnership meeting of ECAPSE project will take place in The UK, in the period 29th of September - 1st of October. During the meeting will be discussed the next project stages and the future national trainings.

The third partnership meeting of SMILE - Network for Social and Market Inclusion through Language Education project will take place in the end of October 2014. During the meeting all partners will present their national reports and the selected good practices which will be available on the website of the project:

In the period of 24th - 25th of April 2014 the second meeting of SMILE - Network for Social and Market Inclusion through Language Education project took place. During the meeting all partners presented the Language policies in their own countries. The main line of project activities was discussed. The tasks, responsibilities and their deadlines were set.

The second partnership meeting of ECAPSE project took place in Italy, March of 2014. During the meeting were discussed tasks of every partner organization and upcoming activities of the project.

In the period of4-6 of September 2013 in Vienna will take place the final conference of Two o’clock project. During the event will be presented the achievements and the results of the project.

In the period of 27 September - 6 October 2013 will be implemented youth exchange "We Can Do It" in Kobuleti, Georgia. The main objective of the project is to raise awareness and tolerance towards people with disabilities. Emphasis is put on free communication and integration of people with disabilities, creating leadership and intercultural skills. To realize these purpose youngsters from Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Spain, Poland, Romania, Russia, Wales and Ukraine will participate in group activities, discussions, presentations, and other role.

“With a new profession at a new job” project ends up in July. For the last three months of the project duration the learners were employed in accordance with their newly acquired professions. The work experience gained will be beneficiary for their future realization on the job market.

In July and August, for year #9, groups of students will have their practice and will work as animators within a Leonardo da Vinci, Moblilty project. Two groups will stay for 3 weeks each and will provide animation activities for children at the Bulgarian sea cost.

In the period 13th - 14th of April in Sofia will take place a seminar for training of trainers in the framework of Two o’clock project. The topic of the training will be "Тeaching and learning аdvisor" which is designed to help educators to address the issues during their teaching.

In the period 25th - 28th of April in Berlin will take place the meeting of the members of the European network EURORESO.

The final conference and final partnership meeting of LeNeMi project will take place in Livingstone (Scotland), in the period of 19th - 20th of May.

In the period 18th - 22th of March 2013 in Malta will take place the round table of “Knowledgeable family businesses”. The participants of the trainings in Bulgaria are invited to participate in the round table also.

In the period of 24th - 27th of March will take place a partners meeting of Two O’clock project in Wolverhampton (UK).

In the period 30th - 31th of March in Sofia will take place training for trainers in the framework of Two O’clock project.

The last pilot training of “Knowledgeable Family Enterprise” project took place in Razlog in the period 9th - 13th of February.

In the period 6th - 9th of February 2013 took place the third partnership meeting of LeNeMi Partnership project in Paris (France).

In the period 11th - 15th of January 2013 the fifth pilot training in the framework of project “Knowledgeable Family Enterprise” took place in Dolna Banya.

The second pilot training of project “Knowledgeable Family Enterprise" took place in village Chiflik (Troyan) in the period 8th - 11th of October.

The final conference and final partnership meeting of Angelie project took place in Graz (Austria), in the period 10th - 11th of October.

At 23th - 24th of October a project partnership meeting within framework of LeNeMi project took place in Sofia.

At 25th of October the final conference of E-NLL project took place in the building of the Union of the Architectures in Bulgaria, Sofia.

The first Pilot training of project "Knowledgeable Family Enterprise" took place in village of Falkovec, han Madonna Inn in the period 10th - 13th of September. The training was attended by Bulgarian family businesses. The training was led by a Maltese expert.

Final Conference of MELIOR project took place in Zaragoza (Spain) at 19th of September 2012. At 18th of September partners met up for the final partnership meeting.

Second partnership meeting of Two O’clock project took place in Athens at 20th and 21st September 2012.

At 28th of September in Ruse took place informational event of E-NLL project where representatives of local authorities, stakeholders and media were invited.

On 10th - 13th of June 2012 there was a partner meeting on project LeNeMi in Lugano (Switzerland).

On 6th - 10th of June 2012 in Italy was held partner meeting of project Face to Face.

On 7th - 10th of May 2012 in Lisbon (Portugal) were held workshops on the project "Two O’Clock", based on Teaching and learning advisor (TLA) and Learning coach (LC).

On 26th - 27th of April 2012 in Valencia (Spain) was the final meeting of E-NLL project – intergenerational learning.

On 21st - 22nd of April 2012 was held the kick-off meeting of the project Knowledgeable Family Enterprise.

On 31st of March 2012 was held the workshop of project Angelie for intercultural and enterprenuarship skills.

On 25th Februaty 2012 a session for certification of language skills TELC took place in Znanie premises, 36, Vladayaska street.

On 25th and 26th February 2012 there was a workshop organized in the framework of EROA project. The workshop took place in Dolno Kamarci village and topic was “The Tradition of the Kuker Masks”.

In January a Face to Face project meeting took place in Lancaster, UK, where the partners of the project summarized the identified by each partner barriers for successful learning, obstacle both for the learners and the training institutions.

On 5th January 2012 finishes a project for establishing of a Centre for social support of adults “Second chance for professional realization”. The final conference of the project took place on 19th December 2011 in Venus conference center. Representatives of local and state authorities as well as the beneficiaries took part at the conference.

On 6th November 2010 from 9.00am, was held exam from regular exams sessions of European language TELC Certificate in German and English.

On 6th November 2010 from 9.00am, was held exam from regular exams sessions of European language TELC Certificate in German and English.

From 9th to 11th November 2010 in Berlin, Germany, was held the third partner meeting on the project "E-commerce for traditional products - women 50+".

From 16th to 18th November 2010 in Graz, Austria, was held the final conference on the project ADAT.

On 20th November 2010 started "Graphic Design" course from the program "I can".

On 22th November 2010 started English Language course for beginners from the program "I can".

On 24th November 2010 from 17.30pm, there was a meeting of the board of Znanie Association - Sofia.

On 28th and 29th November 2010 in Reykjavнk, Iceland, was held the first meeting on the project "Face to Face" for exchange of good practices in vocational training for social services.

On 12th October 2010 there was a seminar in Sofia from the project ADAT. The topic was "Aversive Discrimination".

On 4th October 2010 there was a final conference on the project "Be competent, Be Sapiens". The topic of the conference was "Competences for the Labor Market" and was organised and held in "City" Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Znanie Association – Sofia, Bulgaria, is a non-profit making organisation, established in 1990, with priorities in training and education. It is an Association of teachers, lecturers, University tutors, and various specialists, aimimg to create possibilities for out-of-school education and long-life qualification to every personality, regardless of his personal background, ethnic, social or religious origin.