Znanie Association – Sofia

Znanie Association – Sofia, Bulgaria, is a non-profit making organisation, established in 1990, with priorities in training and education. It is an Association of teachers, lecturers, University tutors, and various specialists, aimimg to create possibilities for out-of-school education and long-life qualification to every personality, regardless of his personal background, ethnic, social or religious origin.


Education and Training:

  • Vocational training of unemployed – new qualifications and apprenticeship
  • Training for starting own business - motivation and entrepreneurship
  • Training programs and vocational guidance for physically disabled, people in risk, minorities
  • Training and qualification of administrative and managerial staff – marketing, finance, jurisprudence and law training of staff and volunteers in NGOs
  • Training for using computer technologies in management and administration
  • Foreign languages and computer competencies for children and adults

Analysis and Consulting Services:

  • Training need and labor market analysis in the fields of new qualifications and small business
  • Analysis and consulting of management systems for schools, small firms and non-profit making institutions
  • Analysis and design of software systems for management and administration; building information databases and on-line communications between institutions
  • Consulting, training need analysis and vocational guidance of disabled

Teacher Training:

  • “train the trainer” programs
  • Special methodology for vocational training of adults, disabled and students with special training needs
  • Management of foreign language education services
  • Developing and publishing training materials

Each academic year Znanie Association and its educational units offer more than 150 specialsied courses for vocational qualification, foreign languages and computer competences, and wide range of consulting services.

Since 1993, participating in the EU Educational Programmes, Znanie Association develops and implements a lot of international projects, in partnership with Bulgarian, foreign and international training institutions.